"We should love all the animals we exist with and not kill them out of hate or fear or to hang their body parts on our walls for decorations. We were all put on this planet to share its wonders, not kill each other.  We should show kindness to...all the animals left unloved in animal shelters around the country and those discarded on the streets. We should abolish all aspects of animal and human cruelty, particularly those practiced in the name of tradition or entertainment. We should demonstrate respect for our planet by not polluting it with unnecessary toxins, including pesticides."    Richard Fagerlund

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The Search for "Magical Solutions"

Even plants are downsizing, it seems. From what I saw at the 2009 New England Grows trade show, the newest trend in plants seems to be dwarf shrubs. ‘Arctic Fire’ dogwood was my favorite.

Like everyone, I’m still looking for the magical solution for keeping deer out of my yard. The new weapon in my arsenal this year will be Oh No Deer, a repellent that uses cinnamon (and a little table salt) to keep the deer from munching on my plants. I have no idea if it works, but I know that varying your methods keeps these tick-riddled (but cute) marauders from enjoying dinner at my house. And I like that it isn’t made from rotten eggs.

Square Mile Manager responded:

Oh, dear deer. It is amazingly ironic that those who seek real garden space (outside Any City, USA) in quieter, more natural surroundings, that they complain about the plants and animals that live there.

"Like everyone, I’m still looking for the magical solution for keeping deer out of my yard."

Why? The first thing I did (as even city community garden must do or everything would disappear overnight) was to figure out optimum placements and erect edible and visual garden fences! Snow peas thrive just out of nose reach!

The other extreme is a property-surround electric fence - often blocking habitat, water sources, ancient trails, and stressing does who don't wander 1/2 mile from their birthplace.


Owning property inhabited by White-tailed deer is an incredible experience. This blog will focus on presenting the facts, exploring the issues, and offering solutions.

Mission Statement
Square Mile Management offers practical ideas for people to fully enjoy their residential property with the deer and other wildlife that live there and grow productive and beautiful edible, visual, and woodland gardens. 

To achieve and maintain healthy herds living in an ecologically-balanced habitat.

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